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Sweet Symphony: Bake the Beat!

Help us raise money for the orchestra program by contributing baked goods to our Bake Sale! The Bake Sale will be held during our Orchestra Winter Concert on Tuesday, December 12th. Last year's bake sale raised over $1,300! Proceeds will benefit the Orchestra Boosters helping to fund needs such as cello and bass coaches and travel scholarships.

This is a great opportunity to share your family's favorite recipe! Baked goods can be sweet or savory (cookies, rolls, granola, cakes, cupcakes, bread, candy, etc.).

Photos of the amazing treats sold at last year's bake sale.

Packing Items:

  • Smaller quantities are appealing

  • Get creative with your packaging!

  • Label the item to include name of treat and if there are any nuts or other allergens

Items will not be individually priced. We've found it works best if we let the donors choose the amount to donate in exchange for the baked goods. Please bring items to the PAC lobby at 6:00 pm on the evening of the concert.

We have about 11 donations so far, and our goal is to have 30+. Below is a list of the baked goods that we have confirmed for the fundraiser:

- 2 dozen cupcakes

- Cookies

- Hot chocolate bombs

- Pumpkin chocolate chip bunt cake

- Hawaiian butter mochi cake

- Amarreti (almond meringue cookie, gluten free)

- Homemade Sourdough Bread

- Various Holiday Sweets

- Layer Magic Bars

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