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Winter Concert Recap and Gallery

Updated: Feb 6

Chloe Chen (c/o '25), Chamber Orchestra At-Large Rep.


From the beginning of the school year until the concert, our orchestra students have worked tirelessly to put on a smooth, and fantastic, performance for the parents, teachers, and staff that have supported us thus far. Furthermore, orchestra students from different classes had the opportunity to watch their peers perform. Most of all, they got to enjoy the successful bake sale at the end! Thank you to those who donated homemade baked goods at the sale and thank you to Mr. Kam and the Orchestra Boosters for helping the concert run smoothly. As members of the Orchestra Council, we hope that everyone enjoyed the concert, took lots of pictures, and had a wonderful start to the holiday season that was ahead. And with that, we ended the year 2023 with a great winter concert, and we can’t wait to see what 2024 has in store! 


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