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Your donations in action

Over the past four years the Bellevue Orchestra's enrollment has continued to grow.  Each year the challenge to meet the demands of a developing program becomes more apparent.  Often there are not enough instruments for students to take home for practice time and the option of an instrument rental plan can sometimes be too cost prohibitive for families.  

In 2021, Mr. Kam notified us of a shortage of basses and the Orchestra Booster club stepped in to help.   In mid November the Orchestra Booster club voted to purchase a new bass outright at a cost of £3,000 and will continue to help fill the gaps where district funding falls short.  The needs of the program, however, are larger than the purchase of one bass.  More instruments and supplies are needed and you can help support that effort.  

Please consider making a contribution today to fill the additional needs. Your support is greatly appreciated by the students, Mr. Kam, and the Orchestra Boosters.  

BHS student plays the double bass
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