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BHS Orchestra sweeps major awards at the Vancouver Festival 2018

Welcome to SY 2018-2019!

The Bellevue High School Orchestra Booster Club or the Boosters is a group of volunteer parents that supports the hard work of our 
students and the Orchestra Director by providing organizational and financial assistance to supplement classroom activities and field trips.  

Our current BHS Orchestra is composed of nearly 80 student musicians from freshmen to seniors led by BHS Orchestra Director Chase Chang. 
This outstanding group of musicians has earned top awards at professionally adjudicated national competitions including its stellar April 2015 
performance at Carnegie Hall in New York City. Performances at Disney World, the University of Washington, Western Washington University 
and Vancouver, BC not only highlight BHS student musicianship but also provide real life performance experience.

There is a wealth of information and enjoyment to be gained from the study of music. Our goal is to create an inspiring environment for students 
to increase their skills of technique, expression and appreciation.

In these pages, you will find the wide range of activities the Orchestra Boosters conduct while the second half focuses on our Orchestra Students, 
videos of past performances, auditions, class requirements and other resources. Please note the school-wide policy which requires all students 
participating in music and athletic programs to purchase an ASB card, since those students directly benefit from ASB funds. Also, all students that 
use school instruments must fill out the Equipment Loan Form and pay the $50 fee.

Last but not least, we will need extra help from parents and students if we are to expand our trip possibilities. Check back here regularly for 
information on the Boosters, parent meetings, and the many different ways you can get involved in the program. Here's to a year full of musical 
growth and exciting performances!

What's New

Welcome to 
School year

First Booster 

Oct 2, 2018
7:00 p.m.

June 2018

Photos and Videos are now up on their respective pages

Vancouver Festival 2018

Our BHS Orchestra won major awards at the Vancouver Festival.