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For the final concert of the year a special concert program will celebrate all the musicians of the Bellevue High School Orchestra.  As is customary this time of year, the Program will feature profiles of the graduating Class of 2024.  This year we are providing the opportunity to include messages from families, businesses, and the community to all our orchestra students.  The Program will be distributed at the Finale Concert on June 4th, 2024.  The BHS Performing Arts Center seats up to 450 people and will host the families, friends, and fans of the BHS Orchestra for our Grand Finale Concert.


Program Ads


Ads can be purchased by any friend, family, business or community group.  Submit your own Ad or an Ad can be created for you. Do you own a business and would like to both advertise your product/services and support your Bellevue High School Orchestra?  Place an Ad in the Grand Finale Program!  Is your student not yet a senior?  You can still create an Ad to give them special recognition for their achievements now!




Select this option for FREE AD CREATION.  Tell us what you want and we will make it for you using your words, photos and/or graphics. Further information is available in our FAQ. Please note: If you do not select this option at the time of purchase the creation of your ad may be significantly delayed. 


For more information read the BHS Grand Finale Program Ads FAQ


Still have questions?  Email:

Grand Finale Program Ads

PriceFrom $50.00
  • Once the purchase is complete you will receive an email with additional instructions on where to upload your content.

    A) If you have an Ad that is ready for publication, such as a professional business ad or one you created in the Ad size purchased, your job is complete once you have submitted it and we confirm it is to specifications with an email.

    B) If you indicate during purchase that you wish us to create your Ad you will receive an email request for photos/graphics and a content questionnaire. We will use these to design your Ad. All items must be received by the Ad Content deadline.

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