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Consider Making a Donation to
Support Our Students' Musical Education

We welcome all donations. Funds benefit BHS Orchestra!

The BHS Orchestra Boosters Club welcomes donations. We also regularly organize fund-raising projects to help support our Student Orchestra. These 
fundraisers can take many forms. For example, we have annual sales of BHS Orchestra T-shirts and pullovers as well as the very popular graduation leis sale. Family and friends can help out by purchasing from these fundraisers or if you prefer, by simply sending donations through PayPal. 

Through these collective efforts, we have raised nearly $50,000 in the past four school years. This enabled us to purchase instruments, class materials and extend student scholarship support to those in need. In addition, our efforts have funded:
  • $50 = Sheet music
  • $50 x 5 = A bass bow ($250 total)
  • $100 = String replacements
  • $100 x 5 = A hard cello case ($500 total)
  • $100 x 5 = A guest teacher/adjudicator ($50 total)
  • $150 x 6 = Repairs for an instrument ($900 total)
  • $250 x 10 = A new cello ($2500 total)
  • $500 x 8 = A new bass.
All these would not have been possible, without your help. Your continued support is essential to the continuation of this fine musical tradition. Any amount you contribute will help fund BHS Orchestra projects.

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Donors are acknowledged through BHS Orchestra Programs. If you
want your donation to remain anonymous, send us a note 
using the same email address above. 

On behalf of BHS Orchestra and the Boosters, THANK YOU!