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Go Aloha 2020 BHS Graduates!

Graduation Leis


Each year, the BHS Orchestra Booster Club holds a Graduation Leis fundraiser.  These strings of golden yellow plumeria have become the must-have accessory for our graduating students' big day, and you may order them in advance from the BHS Orchestra Booster Club. 


Leis add a beautiful celebratory tone to every occasion; check out recent years' graduation photos! Don't worry if your graduate has more than one lei coming;  In Hawaii, it is considered an honor to receive multiple leis. 

Be sure to order in advance, we do not anticipate having plumeria leis available for purchase on Graduation Day.


Thank you to members of our Booster Club for coordinating lei sales!

Graduation Lei

Plumeria Lei: The classic flower of Hawaii and a familiar scent for anyone who grew up there or visits frequently. Though bountiful in Hawai'i, the difficulty of transporting this fragile treasure make the delicate, sweet smelling blossoms of the plumeria a rarity on this side of the Pacific. There are a thousand varieties of Plumeria and over the years we have found the strain that endures longest.  Care: Wrap in slightly damp paper towel or leave in an airtight container and refrigerate, making sure not to freeze.