Private Teachers

While private lessons are not required to be in orchestra at Bellevue High School, they are strongly encouraged.  We are not allowed to recommend any particular private instructor, but are happy to provide a list of some teachers for you to consider. 

Please note, this list was updated as of April 30, 2019. We'll add more teachers to the list as they confirm their availability. Please practice due diligence in getting to know the teachers before signing on with them. 

Violin      PhoneEmail Address / Instrument        Area
Judie Beatie206-793-0646Violin and ViolaBellevue, Renton, North Seattle
Jungbin Hyun206-349-6421

 Violin and Viola |

Susie Kim206-351-0857Violin and Viola |
Federal Way
Na Young Kwong206-290-1380 Violin and Viola |
Jared Bellevue, Northgate (MW/NW)
Yuriy Mikhlin206-789-5967Violin and Viola| |
Carolyn Willis425-941-8436CarolynWillisViolin.comBellevue


Viola   PhoneEmail Address / Instrument        Area
Joseph Gottesman 206-406-0243 Viola primary
Violin secondary
Greg Savage206-313-0551Violin and viola | works for Music Works Northwest |
Carolyn Willis425-941-8436CarolynWillisViolin.comBellevue  
Yuriy Mikhlin206-789-5967Violin and Viola| |

Cello   PhoneEmail Address / Instrument       Area
Olga Dolgaya206-650-6145

Janice Lee206-295-8586

Renton Highlands
Page Smith206-890-2452

Lake Forest Park
William Spengler425-417-1881William.Spengler@colorado.eduMedina

BassPhoneEmail Address / Instrument       Area

Private Teachers can also be found at:
Music Works Northwest, 425-644-0988, 
Hammond Ashley Violins, 425-392-3963,
Arts and Music,
Kennelley Keys,

If you are the private teacher on this list and you want your information updated or removed, please email